Best Coffee in KL

Best Coffee in KL

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Which one is your favorite coffee place?




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Amity Cafe

If you’re looking for a place to sit down and enjoy that sip of coffee, do visit Amity Cafe. It’s a pretty neat looking place with exposed bricks, steel structure and an awesome mezzanine floor. They offer a good selection of coffees, typically flavoured latte and Harney & Sons tea as well. Their signatures include tiramisu latte, mint latte and pandan latte. Also, for those hardcore coffee drinkers, do try out their espresso.






The Owls Cafe

For those of you who though there would be real living owls in Owls Cafe, you’ll be madly disappointed. However, they do have plenty of owl figurines and design to compensate that part of the sector. Beautifully designed in many ways and the attention to detail was truly remarkable. Not to mention that the baristas in Owls Cafe are competition winners! No doubt that they will whip up a cup of coffee to your liking.
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Cafe Dola

Having just opened in August 2015, Cafe Dola has certainly made an impression in the coffee scene. Featuring a bright, warm and cozy ambiance where visitors can simply drop by, order a cup of rich and aromatic coffee, turn on their laptops and begin working. For those who fancy a smoke or some Malaysian-fresh air, there are tables along the verandah.
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Mollydooker’s Coffee Bar

Mollydookers has been very well received with their selection of coffees. Throughout the cafe, you’ll notice an immense amount of quotes and posters suggesting coffee is the next best thing. One of them includes “Coffee, you can sleep when you’re dead!” which caught our attention during our stay. Rest assured, you’ll be exposed to one of the best and finest selection of coffees in Mollydookers’ Coffee Bar.
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Antipodean café has always been well-known for its Australian-style big breakfast – served with delicious bacon, sautéed mushrooms, scramble eggs, baked beans and toasts. Having said that, the coffee itself wasn’t too bad either. In fact, the term “With great breakfast comes great coffee” can be applied here. Coffee served was aromatic, smooth but a little mild. Best of all, the pricing was relatively reasonable with a cup of hot latte going for RM9.
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Coffee Societe

Popular for its RM10 – Free Flow Coffee, Coffee Societe has become a point of interest for coffee enthusiasts. Despite it being free flowed, the quality, taste and craftsmanship of latte art was indeed promising. Each cup of coffee was carefully hand brewed to the utmost perfection – making sure that their coffee was rich, aromatic, smooth and of course, pleasant to look at.
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The Red Beanbag

Located just several hundreds of meters away from the infamous Coffee Societe, lies a humble and homey café on the upper floor called The Red Beanbag. Unfortunately, the coffee itself was not very good. It was merely on an average level – similar to what you’ll find in most undedicated coffee cafes. However, the food was indeed delicious.
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Acme Bar & Coffee

Applaud and admired for its amazing and eye-catching interior design, Acme Bar & Coffee do serve decent coffee as well. However, the price is relatively high compared to most dedicated coffee cafes around Klang Valley, ranging at RM9 for an Espresso and RM15 for a Flat White. On the other hand, the food here is pretty good – but slightly pricy as well.
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Artisan Roast Coffee @ TTDI

Located right in the middle of Bangsar Village 2, lies Artisan Coffee Bar – a café where its aromatic coffee beans spread through the entire complex. Even upon arrival at the ground floor, the rich and fragrant scent was noticeable 2 floors up, there is where Artisan Coffee Bar is located. Recommendations includes the Affogato at RM12, Red Espresso at RM6 and Fresh Red at RM11.
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A white Victorian styled building at the heart of Kuala Lumpur is where Caffeinees lies. Operation hours starts from 6 in the evening throughout the night; sometimes even until 4 in the morning. Not only the food was well worth the praise, the coffee itself was pretty good too. The Iced Cappuccino was memorable. The balance between its sweetness, milky-ness and that tinge of coffee was indeed pleasant. However, the coffee art itself was some-sort of an eye-sore.
Written by: Anthony Liew

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